Harry Potter changing directions?

As the Final Harry Potter Film is Completed and the Stars Question
Whether They Will Be Able to Escape the Spell Cast Over Them, Jesse
Young Per DM Group’s CEO May have a Solution

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM — (Marketwire) — 11/09/10 — ¬†Harry Potter
stars have enjoyed a decade of success and adventure in filming the
series of Hogwarts movies. Now with the final films complete their
thoughts have turned to their future. And they wonder just what is
ahead of them. Per DM Group CEO Jesse Young muses whether they may
even consider a complete change of direction.

As reported in the Sunday Times, Daniel Radcliffe stated; “It will be
very strange, I can’t predict how I will react. All of my teenage
years are linked to every frame of` Harry Potter.” Emma Watson who
plays Hermione said she “sees the end of the Harry Potter films as a
release, an opportunity to be embraced, more than regret.” Per DM’s
CEO Jesse Young says; “This crossroads the young stars find
themselves at is being faced by thousands of people all over the UK
every day. For many there is the prospect of being unemployed with no
financial safety net to get them through their crisis.”

As the world sits and waits for the November 19th launch of the first
of the final two Harry Potter films, there will be much conjecture as
to the future of the young magicians. No doubt they will not be short
of offers however, will they ever be able to shake off the Hogwarts
label and move on? Perhaps a complete change of direction may be what
they take. A new career and a new challenge could be calling and why
not? Such moves are more and more commonplace in the UK today
especially given the volatile state of the economy and the employment
uncertainty facing hundreds of thousands of workers.